Sunday, August 31, 2008

ack, i'm tired!!

It's 5:15 on Sunday morning...I am so flippin tired!!! I stayed up late watching Sleepless In Seattle lol I still heart that movie! I wish my life could be like a fairy tale...but I don't think that's how real life works. I had a pretty good day yesterday. I went to work but no one was there!!! lol So i'm guessing they canceled the over time and didn't bother to call me! Rude! But oh well, I got to talk to my favorite cousin's Mindy and Chad all day yesterday lol. I also was on Second Life way toooooo long yesterday. I 'moved' in with this chick Lorna...She has a huge 'virtual' house!! I also bought a kit to make virtual dresses so i'm gonna open a store LOL If you don't know what Second Life is then your prolly wondering what the crap i'm talking about hehe...I will explain it more later or you can just check it out yourself. It's pretty awesome!! Anyways...I think Kevin and I are getting back to normal. We talked a little bit yesterday and today online. He's been real sick though and i'm worried about him. I hope he gets better soon!! Hmmmmm, i'm not sure what else to say....I hope today goes by fast :) I will be driving to Athen's right after work so idk if I'll be able to write a blog tomorrow or later. I'll try to though. Athen's is where my parents live if you didn't know lol Ok, well it's time to go to work :( I'm gonna try to have a good day!!! I'm not gonna let all this stress and drama bring me down any more...well at least...I'm gonna try not to let it lol Peace Out!! :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

First Blog! :)

Wow, my first blog post on here! I thought that since i'm gonna be writing a blog every day that maybe I should do it on here instead of myspace. I dont really have much to say right now since I already wrote a blog for the day on myspace but i'm gonna copy and past it here. This so exciting LOL jk Peace out!

I'm actually having a pretty good day. I had a kinda wild night last night haha...only two people know about it so SHHHHHHHHHH! lol It was fun though! Today I just caught up on sleep, cleaned up a bit, tried not to worry or even think about things. I was gonna drive to the temple, but I didnt realize how far away it is! :( I think i'm gonna try to go past it when I go to Athens this week end. You know what I realized today...i'm not always the problem. When things go wrong, I always blame myself and try to figure out what I could of done differently to change things. But for once, I am learning that I didnt do anything wrong! Other people have problems too. I always worry about what others think! From now on, i'm gonna try not to. Cuz there is really no point in it. All the little stuff that happens now isnt really gonna matter in the future right? I mean, the way way future, like when im dead lol Drama is stupid!!! I hate it! I try not to cause it but guess what?! I'm a girl! And so, i'm entitled to sometimes be a drama queen! That's just how girls are. I'm tired of trying to be someone to impress others. No more! I'm gonna work on perfecting myself and then when I feel good about myself i'm gonna go out and find me a man!! I don't want no boy...I want a mature man who knows what he wants. I might of already met him or might not of...idk..but when I meet him...i'll know it's right. One thing I know is NO MORE INTERNET GUYS!!! :D It never turns out well lol Hmmmmm what else to say....I think that's about it!! OH! I lost 20 lbs! yay me! It's a good thing except for the fact that its because i've been so depressed I havent been eating lol But i'm starting back at the gym on Monday and sticking to it! So by January I should be where I wanna be :) Then I can really catch me a man LOL I might even be able to find one on my trip to Florida hehe! hmmm, now that I think about it...there is this really hot guy in my ward and he served his mission in Arizona! lol haha he's way outta my league but nice to look at lol Okay, imma gonna go find something to do! :D bye friends!!