Friday, August 7, 2009

Jessica's Dream

K I had the craziest dream today that I just had to write down.

I was on a group campout. Brad and some of my family were there (mom, dad, matt, chris, camille, aunt tiffany, her daughter katie, my grandma and grandpa)...the rest of the people I didn't know. We were all in cabins. The leader of the campout provided everything from clothes, shoes, and food. EVERYTHING. He seemed like a very nice older gentleman and everyone liked him. He would go to each cabin and talk to each family. For some reason, I had a bad feeling about him. I kept telling Brad I didnt trust him but he said I was wrong about him. During all this, I realized I had powers lol...I have no idea where they came from but I could fly, burn things with my eyes, had super strength, and could see into peoples minds. I could see into this old guys mind and knew he was a very bad guy. Before I could tell everyone that we needed to get outta there we were taken hostage. My dad was held in a different room then everyone else. I guess since he works for the government that they needed him to do something. I knocked out the guards and was able to help everyone escape. But we didnt get far...we were caught and taken back. I didnt understand how they found us so fast. Brad and I decided to escape and find help. I told him about my powers but of course he didnt believe me. We started climbing this very steep mountain. Half way up I slipped and started to fall...but then I realized, duh, I can fly! lol So I grabbed Brad and flew to the top of the mountain. He was in shock. When we reached the top we didnt have time to talk because there was a group of guards waiting for us with guns. I had never seen a gun that was more of a laser. They were threatening to shoot my dad if I didnt surrender and go with them. I starred at the guns for a few seconds and they started melting in the guys hand. They were like what the heck, how did I get here, what's going on?! They dropped the melted gun and ran away. I was confused about what they had said...what did they mean "how did we get here? whats going on?" We returned to the base camp were everyone else was being held and soon realized what was going on. We melted all the guns and all the guards ran off as before. Then my Aunt Tiffany tried to knock me out, then everyone joined in. Brad and I started running from them. They were all hypnotized. They couldn't control what they were doing. I finally got them all back in the big cabin and locked them in. I left brad there to guard the door. I went to find the old guy (btw this guy never had a name lol) I found him looking over a cliff with two guards. The guards looked like bikers. They gave me an evil smile and tried to grab me. Of course they didn't get me...I jumped up and kicked them in the face and knocked them out cold. The old guy looked at me and said "ive been looking for you." I read his mind and realized he is planning to blow up the cabin where everyone is held! I quickly grabbed him and threw him off the cliff as fast as I could and flew back to the cabin. When I got there I explained to Brad what was going on. I opened the door and let the people out. I focused on each person and was able to unhypnotize them one at a time, as quick as I could. I got everyone out. We ran quickly to that cliff where I was before. When we got there, my aunt and her daughter started walking down a trail over the cliff. Walking up the trail I saw the crazy old man!! I yelled to them to stop and come back. But I guess he had hypnotized them again! Katie ran straight into his arms. He told us to go back to the cabin. We had to listen since he was holding Katie hostage. He locked all of us in. I kept thinking how to save us. I tried to read the old guys mind. After about ten minutes, I realize the bomb is not in the cabin...ITS IN OUR BOOTS!!! Remember I said he gave us all boots! I yelled "Take off your boots, the bombs in their!!" They looked at me horrified and started ripping the boots off as fast as they could. They put them all in a bag. I knew we had seconds before they would explode and kill everyone. I grabbed the bag and flew out the door as high as i could...and threw the boots as far as I could. BOOOOOOMB!!!

And thats how it ended lol Random, yes! Crazy, YES!! I have very weird dreams. So I think this could be made into a movie lol What do you think? lol