Monday, November 10, 2008

No such thing as love

I've decided that there is no longer such a thing as true love in the world we live in. The only thing people care about is sex. A date is now considered a 'hook up'. How did things get so bad? One minute your dreaming about finding your one true love and the next your looking for a one night stand. I don't get it. All i've always wanted was to find a nice guy and fall in love. But I don't think that's possible. Guys tell me im cute or hot and they ask me out...but all they want is some ass. Well i'm done!!! Obviously i'm never gonna find least not the pure kind. So what do I do? just give up? I'm never gonna be like the world, even though they are trying to pull me down to their level. I've come close many times, but I will never cross that line. I could never be happy living that life. I will always want someone to care about me, love me, and want me forever. I had a date set up friday with a guy from work. He said he'd call around seven so we could hang out...well he never called. The next day he called around noon...apologized...said he had to work late. So he said can we do something around four...I said sure. So I waited for him to call me back...and again he never called. What the hell!! Monday at work he told me he had to drive a car to nashville and didnt get home till late. ok, why couldnt you freakin pick up a phone and call!! Dumb ass! his loss...i'm kickin him to the curb...I dont need crap like that. So...I just have one more thing to say to ya'll...Fuck guys!!