Thursday, October 16, 2008

Love stinks!

Wow, I can't believe I haven't written in a month!!! That's crazy! Well, a lot has happened. I'm no longer dating the chef cuz he turned out to be an ass hole. He sent me a text message while I was at work saying "I think we should just be friends cuz I don't think we are sexually compatable. Sorry if i've hurt you." Yeah, he's an ass. I guess all he cared about was sex and that wasn't what I cared about so he dumped me. I'm so glad I found out early before things got serious. Guys are such jerks!! I haven't dated one nice guy so far...and I really wish I could!!! I have met a few guys that seem nice online but of course they live way too far away. I think that guys now a day don't take the time to actually get to know your personality...they just look at you and decide if they'd sleep with you or not...then they want to date you. I hate it! I have been talking to this guy from colorado...named Brian. He seems really sweet, but of course he lives in colorado lol. But he's 25, going to college for phsycology and writing. he writes songs, plays guitar, he was born in tucson (which is where I lived for 15 yrs lol), and he's a little shy which I think is adorable. Errrr! Why can't he live closer!? I'm never gonna be happy!! I have this lesbian at work hitting on me every day lol So I told Sarah that if things keep going how they are going im gonna be an old fat broke single lesbian with a baby lol jk But seriously that's how I feel!! I can't trust any one and that sucks! Every guy just wants to sleep with you! I don't think there are any virgins out there except for maybe some mormons and catholics maybe...but seriously...they are hard to find. The world tells us we need sex to date, or tells us that is what dating is for. And it's not. I think that's one reason I was so unhappy in previous relationships. Sex means nothing to me unless i'm in love with the person. I will never like sex just to have fun! I just want to fall in love and have a fairy tale ending...but I am losing faith that that will ever happen. It makes me sad. Every guy tells me how cute and how sweet I that the truth or is he just trying to sweet talk me into bed with him?? I don't get it! Oh well, I gotta get ready for work! Did I mention I waited all day yesterday for this guy to get online and talk to me cuz he said he would...but guess what!? he never got online! How gay is that??! I need to freakin get a life! Move to Alaska where there are no guys! Errrr! Love sucks butt!